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Intertek Canada provides testing, inspection, certification, auditing, and technical training to Canadian and global clients. Whether you require testing to industry requirements or association standards, custom testing for research and development, or certification for your product or system, we have the expertise you need.

Today with more than 600 people working in 25 laboratories and offices across Canada, Intertek provides expert technical services to a wide range of industries and markets.

By leveraging Intertek’s independent, third-party, technical expertise customers can focus on their core business while improving quality, lowering product development costs and business risks, and accelerating R&D and time-to-market.

We have three offices located across Canada:

Intertek Coquitlam – Building Products

  • Air/Water Structural & Mockup 
  • Air/Water Structural Field Testing 
  • Fire Resistance. Flame Spread & Small-Scale Fire Testing 
  • Material Properties Testing & Performance Verification 
  • Manufactured Housing and Hearth 
  • Hearth 
  • Uplift & Dynamic Wind testing for Roofing Products 

Accredited By AAMA, FBC IAS SCC, California State Fire Marshall, City of Los Angeles, & Miami Dade

Intertek Mississauga – Building Products

  • 18’ x 12’ Fenestration Wall for Air / Water / Structural Testing 
  • Air/Water Structural Field Testing 
  • Support Column Compression Testing 
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Vessel Testing 
  • Material Properties Testing & Performance Verification 
  • Handrail & Guardrail, Composite Deck Testing 
  • Salt Spray & UV Aging/Exposure/Weathering 

Accredited by AAMA, IAS, SCC & Miami-Dade

Intertek Winnipeg – Building Products & Building Sciences

  • 30’ x 16’ Lexan Wall for Laboratory Air / Water / Structural & Mock-up Testing 
  • Air / Water / Structural Field Testing including Dynamic Water Penetration Testing 
  • Roofing Inspection & Testing 
  • Thermographic Scanning of Building Assemblies / Systems and Electrical 

Accredited by IAS, WDMA, NAMI & Keystone


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