Canada Chemicals Management Plan (CMP) Services

Intertek’s scientific and regulatory experts can help your company successfully meet the requirements of Canada’s Chemicals Management Plan.

The Chemicals Management Plan (CMP) is a Government of Canada initiative aimed at reducing the risks posed by chemicals to Canadians and their environment. The CMP was introduced in 2006 by the Canadian federal government as part of their comprehensive environmental agenda.  The Minister of Health and the Minister of Environment and Climate Change have committed to addressing these chemicals by 2020. The CMP builds on previous initiatives by assessing chemicals used in Canada and by taking action on chemicals found to be harmful to human health and/or the environment.

The CMP broadly considers a range of “existing” substances including substances on the DSL and regulated under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA); pesticides that are regulated under the Pest Control Products Act; and specific environmental interests in ingredients from products regulated under the Food and Drugs Act. 

Since it was launched in 2006, the CMP has made significant progress. The next phase of the CMP, Phase 3, launched in May 2016, will address the remaining 1550 priority chemicals out of the original 4300 chemicals identified as priorities during the categorization. 

Initiatives under the third phase of the CMP include:

  • planned risk assessment publications for chemicals, polymers and living organisms;
  • planned risk management activities; 
  • information-gathering initiatives, including mandatory section 71 notices (chemicals and micro-organisms);
  • the results of the 2016 prioritization exercise under the Approach for the Identification of Risk Assessment Priorities;
  • updates on health research and monitoring; and
  • updates on nanomaterials and updates on activities under the Food and Drug Regulations.


Chemical Management Plan (CMP) Compliance Services

Intertek recognizes that Canada's CMP has triggered the need for increased industry effort to review and respond to substance-specific reporting requirements, draft assessment reports, and proposed risk-management controls. Intertek’s experts can address these regulatory and scientific challenges by offering the following:

  • SURVEILLANCE - Updating you on the status of all substances being assessed or managed under CMP
  • INTERPRETATION - Determining your obligations to respond to s.71 Notices or other regulatory reporting requirements including those issued under the Challenge, the PSSA, the DSL IU and the PCTSR
  • DOCUMENTATION - Preparing responses to mandatory and voluntary survey questionnaires
  • SCIENCE - Providing additional technical input into the assessment process
  • INTELLIGENCE - Informing you of any relevant draft and final Risk Assessment notices and proposed Risk Management measures
  • SMART PLANNING - Providing strategic advice about how screening assessment reports and the decisions proposed in risk management scope documents may impact your business.
  • CONSULTATION - Working with the regulatory authorities on matters relating to the proposed hazard-assessment outcomes and risk management measures for your substances

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