Fuel Special Inspections (CSA B149.3)

We offer Fuel Special Inspection Services to CSA B149.3 for Fuel Fired Equipment in Canada

Through our national network of engineers and inspectors we have the expertise to evaluate the most complex equipment, including custom designs. Our commitment to your success doesn’t stop at testing and certification – we react quickly, quote competitively and deliver the highest levels of service.

Expiration of Oil and Gas Variance in Alberta

  • VAR-GAS-01-13 [Rev 1], which allows stamped drawings by an engineer in lieu of inspection or certification expired on June 30, 2016
  • After June 30, 2016 all equipment that falls within the scope of CSA-B149.3 will need to follow the Gas Code Regulation.
  • Gas Code Regulation requires that all equipment manufactured, installed, sold or offered for sale within Alberta shall be certified or inspected by a nationally recognized Certification or Inspection Body accredited by the Standards Council of Canada.

The Intertek Advantage

  • Fast turnaround times and reduced travel costs with Inspectors located across Alberta, British Columbia, Quebec and the Maritime Provinces
  • Products found to comply with CSA B149.3 (and/or other applicable standards) are labeled with Intertek’s ETL Special Inspection Label as visual proof that the equipment has met applicable requirements.
  • Intertek can provide clients with additional inspection/certification services in order to meet the requirements of CSA B149.3.

Contact us at 587-338-4696 to get your equipment inspected in:

  • British Columbia
  • Alberta
  • Quebec
  • Maritimes

Additional Services

Intertek can provide you with multiple electrical/gas product safety services, and can conduct your EMC Testing or Performance Testing as well. Intertek also provides Field Labeling services of unlabeled equipment and building materials in the United States. As a National Certification Body for the CB Scheme, Intertek can issue CB Scheme certificates – the basis for safety certification – for more than 30 countries.


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