Edmonton Petroleum Testing and Inspection

Edmonton crude oil testing, inspection and measurement services and expertise.

The Intertek crude oil testing laboratory in Edmonton, Alberta, helps clients with 24/7 quality and compliance testing and field services.

Intertek supports crude oil testing, sampling, inspection, field services that support tank and terminal storage as well as crude oil movements by rail-car, truck and pipeline. 

The Edmonton laboratory provides a key group of tests, and is supported by Intertek's significant laboratory network in Canada, the USA, and in over 100 other nations. Samples are rapidly processed, tested, and reported, conforming to ASTM, ISO, and other accepted industry test methods.

Edmonton lab crude oil tests include:

  • Flashpoint, ASTM D56, ASTM D93
  • Distillation, ASTM D86 
  • Pourpoint, ASTM D97
  • Acid number, ASTM D664
  • Sulfur, ASTM D4294
  • Water, ASTM D4377
  • Carbon residue, ASTM D4530
  • Density and relative density, ASTM D5
  • Vapor pressure, ASTM D6377 (VPCRx)
  • Dynamic viscosity and density, ASTM D74042
  • Kinematic viscosity, calculation

Additional crude oil, fuel, and refined product tests are available through Intertek's Canada, USA, and international laboratory network. 


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