Crude Oil Rail Car Services

Crude oil rail car inspection and testing services for shale oil and other petroleum and petroleum products.

Intertek provides rail car quality and quantity inspection and testing support for crude oil producers, shippers, and refiners. Intertek’s experience and expertise with crude oil cargo inspection and testing provides a vigilant solution to help address shale crude oil rail car quality, quantity, and safety concerns.

Intertek rail car inspectors work on-site where needed, when needed, inspecting, field sampling, and arranging testing for rail car crude oil and other oil & gas samples. Intertek’s petroleum laboratories analyze crude oil samples on a 24/7 basis, with prompt testing and reporting.

Rail Car and refinery services for crude oil shipments:

  • Crude Oil by Rail DOT Classification Testing 
  • Crude oil railcar load and offload survey inspections
  • Unit trains, and individual railcars
  • Chain of Custody procedures
  • Sealing of rail stock
  • Certificate of Quantity verification
  • Rail car crude oil sampling and testing
  • Shore tank measurement, sampling, and testing
  • Product movement activity
  • Line pressure
  • DCR probe check
  • Metering services, repair and meter proving
  • Corrosion Testing for Crude Oil Rail Car Tanks 
  • Hydrogen Sulfide Management (H2S)  

Crude oil laboratory, analysis, and field services:

  • Hydrocarbons Field Sampling 
  • Petroleum Refinery Services 
  • Crude Oil and Petroleum Feedstocks Tests 
  • Crude Oil Assay 
  • Flash Assay
  • Light-ends monitoring (Vapor Pressure, RVP)
  • Cargo Additive Treatment 
  • Petroleum Cargo Inspection 
  • Wax and Water Issues
  • And additional petroleum testing and inspection services, as required

Intertek crude oil rail car and shore tank inspection, measuring, and laboratory testing are conducted per accepted industry and commercial protocols and standards, including API and ASTM. 


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