Shale Oil and Gas Services

Shale oil and gas testing, inspection, metering and consulting.

Intertek shale oil and gas testing, inspection, metering and engineering services provide crucial industry support for a wide range of exploration, production and logistics requirements. Intertek expertise helps clients operating in the Bakken, Eagle Ford, Marcellus and other shale formations across the world.

Oil and gas shale oil technical services:

Shale oil and gas quality testing:

  • Natural Gas Testing 
  • Natural Gas Composition 
  • Shale Gas Analysis 
  • Natural Gas Liquids Testing 
  • Crude Oil Assay 
  • Crude Oil and Petroleum Feedstocks Tests 
  • Hydrocarbons Field Sampling 
  • Pipeline Transmix Testing Services 

Shale oil and gas logistics and inspection:

  • Crude Oil Rail Car Services
    • Crude oil railcar loading and offloading inspection surveys
    • Additional technical manpower services
  • Metering and Meter Calibration 
  • Tank Calibration Services 
  • Petroleum Cargo Inspection
  • Petroleum Pipeline Services 
  • Pipeline Integrity Services 

Shale oil and gas exploration and production:

  • Gas Shale Reservoir Services 
  • Condensate Composition Testing and Analysis 
  • Coalbed and Shale Natural Gas Evaluation 
  • Reservoir Fluids Testing and Evaluation 
  • Core Analysis Services 

Other services:

  • Business Solutions for Oil & Gas 

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